At OPTI, we pride ourselves on the high quality professional training that we offer and the proven results.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our testimonials include an array of clients, athletes, colleagues and professionals.

One Of the Most Knowledgeable And Thorough Trainers I Have Ever Worked With
 By Allan Stephenson CSCS / Upper Marlboro, MD USA

I have had the pleasure of learning from Joe for the last nine years. Much of my knowledge and expertise has come as a result of time Joe has taken to work with me weather it be bio-mechanical assessments, functional movement,or kettlebell training. Joe continues to excel in his ability to learn understand and apply the knowledge he gains from his professional studies. I consider Joe among the elite of strength coaches today and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to study under him to take advantage of it.

10/10The Perfect Trainer For A Young Athlete
 By Mandell Bellmore / Pikesville, MD USA

Joe trained my 14 year old grandson who is a wrestler. Joe succeeded in getting my grandson to move to a higher level of fitness than either he or I believed possible.

Since his training, my grandson is now in high school and he wrestled for his school this past weekend. He wrestled 8 times in 2 days. He won all 8 of his matches and came in first in his weight class. His school won the tournament.

Both he and his father credit Joe for his success. Joe is the best trainer a young athlete can have.

10/10 Keep Me Going!
 By Steve Newhouse / Columbia, MD

In 2000 I was experiencing lower back problems common to many out of shape, “over-50” weekend golfers. Several rounds of golf into a three day trip in June finally created a situation where surgery appeared the only relief from pain caused by deteriorating discs.

Although the orthopedic specialist already scheduled me for surgery, my regular doctor suggested more aggressive physical therapy as a last resort before I had a medical procedure that was not always 100% successful.

Thankfully, I delayed the surgery and was introduced to Joe Sansalone in January 2001 and have been a regular client ever since. Back surgery is no longer in my immediate future and I play golf with little or no discomfort. Also, people have told me I look more athletic and younger than some one well into his 60’s. My doctor was so impressed with the results of Joe’s system, she also trained with him.

These results are a credit to Joe’s knowledge of how the body works and his training techniques. His passion, professionalism and desire to increase his knowledge through continuing education set him apart from all the other trainers I have observed during the last nine years. I have complete trust that Joe knows what movements, weights and exercises are best for me at this point in my life, and look forward to working with him well into the future.

He developed and constantly upgrades a core training program that carefully works the correct hip, leg, torso and back muscles to provide the strength and flexibility I need to perform everyday functions and still enjoy golf.

10/10 “A Step Above!”

By Matt Zielinski / Columbia, Md USA

I recently had the pleasure of completing a few classes with Joe at The Colosseum Gym in Columbia, Md. Joe helped answer all my questions regarding nutrition, body screening, corrective exercise, body mechanics, and workout design. His knowledge of Nutrition the human body and how it functions together as one piece along with a natural ability to convey detailed instructions as to how to perform exercises correctly makes this a worthy investment for any Athlete who wants to take their fitness to the next level.

10/10 A Winning Trainer!
 By Debby Shumaker / Ellicott City, Maryland

I have been a client of Joe’s for almost three years. Over those years, I have experienced his unique ability to break down each function using smart imagery so that I am equipped to do it right. His knowledge of the way the body works coupled with his genuine desire to teach the fundementals properly prompt me to excel and feel good about myself.

Because Joe is so incredibly self-disciplined himself, he is a great trainer by way of example. He knows when to push me, and he knows when to step back and review the mechanics or articulate it in a different way. He is always thoughtful, patient, attentive and joyful about his work.

Just recently my 13-year-old daughter expressed an interest in being trained by Joe to improve her strength and performance in tennis. She has watched him from the sidelines and has seen first hand how he can transform someone through consistency and dedication.

As an ex-ballet dancer myself, I can say that Joe really knows what he is doing and is the best.

10/10 Consummate Professional
 By Sue Rexford / Ellicott City, MD

I feel very fortunate to be working as a trainer in the same gym as Joe Sansalone. He was helpful and generous with his time when I was studying for my own certification and the classes I have taken from him over the years have made me a much better trainer. From kettle bells and functional movement screens to nutrition and supplements to power lifting and ESD – I have learned so much from Joe. I appreciate his friendly and comfortable teaching style while marveling at the depth and breadth of his knowledge of his industry. When I think of Joe, I think of the consummate professional – informed, prepared and incredibly enthusiastic.

10/10 Knowledge, Experience & Passion
 By Brenda B. / Ellicott City. MD

These are the words I would use to describe Joe Sansalone as a coach and trainer. My family has been training with Joe for over 7 years. Joe has trained both of my children who are high performing athletes. Most recently, Joe prepared my son for his participation this season at the Junior National Ice Hockey level. Matt excelled in his training thanks to Joe’s expertise and coaching which in turn is allowing him to excel in his ice hockey game.

Having seen what training with Joe can accomplish, I decided to begin the very focused training system that Joe teaches. I have worked with many trainers over the years and none have had the insight into the biomechanics necessary to reach my body’s potential. Learning how to move properly using the appropriate muscle groups has helped me correct the compensatory movement patterns my body had adopted. Working with trainers that are mentored by Joe and using Joe’s system of coaching and training is the best investment I have ever made in myself.

10/10 Unique skill, knowledge and teaching ability
 By Steve Bupp / Ellicott City, MD

I have trained with Joe for over two years. His knowledge of biomechanics and the ability to adjust exercises to my ability level is amazing. Joe constantly changes my exercises to help me improve. Just when I think I have maxed out on my ability to master a difficult exercise or lift, he will stop and explain the biomechanics that will allow me to do it better. He is focused on his client and approaches each client as an individual. Never demeaning, but always demanding. He knows my limits and pushes me to achieve levels that I did not think possible. I have watched a lot of trainers at several gyms and Joe is unequaled. I feel very fortunate that I have the chance to work with him.

10/10 Teaching with a passion
 By Jeffrey English / Ellicott City, MD USA

Passion is what I think of first when I think of Joe as a trainer or anything else he does.

I have been training with Joe for probably 8 years now and he was a great instructor when we started and he has only gotten better over the years. It is Joe’s passion that sets him apart from the many instructors that I have seen over the years.

He is always seeking to learn more about his profession and this has set him apart from the others. In our gym Joe is the go to person for the other instructors and their respect for him is evidenced frequently by his mentoring of the other instructors.

I have never met another instructor with his level of knowledge which is not surprising since he is always taking advantage of continued education opportunities. Look at his resume…

I can’t say enough about Joe with regards to his professionalism, motivation, knowledge, and most importantly results!