At OPTI we offer elite athlete training, private, semi-private, group training, small group athlete training and kettlebell classes on monthly memberships.
We also offer continuing education workshops, nutritional counseling, physical therapy and youth training programs.
Rates vary dependent on the program, so please contact us at and we will find the program that is right for you.  


Professional Athlete Training:  Individualized one-on-one or small group training and programming designed to reduce the potential for sports injury and enhance sports performance.  All professional athlete training and coaching is instructed by OPTI owner and founder, Joe Sansalone.

Private Training: Individualized one-on-one training with one of our elite coaches.

Semi-Private Training: Individualized programming with up to three other clients, led by one of our elite coaches.

Small Group Athlete Training: Individualized programming for athletes ages 14-24, led by one of our elite coaches.

Athlete Training at OPTI

Youth Athletic Development Training:  Small group training designed to help children ages 10-13 optimally develop athleticism and good training habits heading into adolescence and High School programs, led by one of our elite coaches.

Group Training: Semi-individualized programming with no more than 9 other clients, led by one of our elite coaches.

Kettlebell Training: Semi-individualized programming with no more than 9 other clients, led by one of our Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors.  For more information including the class schedule visit our group program website.

Kettlebell Class

Nutritional Consulting: A thorough evaluation of your current nutritional habits and a customized program is developed, that includes performance nutrition and eating for fat loss, with our expert nutritionist.

Physical Therapy: Certified Manual Physical Therapists evaluate and assess injuries and pain and treat the symptoms and causes with cutting edge therapies for optimal recovery and rehabilitation.

Continuing Education Workshops:  We offer continuing education workshops at OPTI for the community and for fitness professionals throughout the year.  We are also available to come to your location for a topic of your choosing.  For more information email and click the “Workshop” tab at the top of the OPTI website.


With the OPTI Distance Personal Training Program, you can train with us no matter where you are in the world. Take advantage of the expertise and education we can offer you for a fraction of the cost of working with us consistently in the facility. This program is ideal for those individuals who have some exercise experience, are too far to travel to OPTI consistently and who are intrinsically motivated since we are not there in person every session to keep you on track.

Our Distance Training program includes:

  • Instructions on how to self-assess your movement patterns so that we can effectively design your program.
  • A detailed assessment of your current and past health, nutritional and exercise experience and other pertinent information.
  • A complete OPTI training program based upon your goals, injury history, skill level and available equipment.
  • Private in-facility training sessions as often as you can travel to OPTI.
  • Videos of exercises to insure proper execution if needed.
  • Nutritional Counseling.
  • Email and text support.
  • Skype video sessions (additional cost).
  • Once a week phone support if needed.
  • The ability to send us unlimited videos to critique technique and provide feedback.
For additional information on any of our programs please email