Dana Varela



Dana is happiest pendulously anchored over the top of a pull-up bar or firmly locked to a barbell during a heavy dead lift. With a paramount affection for heavy iron, this wife and mother of two teenagers has found a love, passion and strength in high performance training. That desire is the catalyst that motivated Dana to continue her education and instruct others.

Her journey began in February 2011 after years of a sedentary lifestyle; she made the choice to get healthy. On a friend’s recommendation she tried a kettlebell class. An unwritten book was begun as that experience soon became a lifelong love. Kettlebell training along with nutritional improvements provided an unbridled platform for weight loss, body composition changes, but more importantly an altered mindset which has created a whole new lifestyle and a tremendous level of confidence in her well being.

Dana - action shot

Dana made the choice in 2013 to switch careers and provide others with an avenue to make positive changes in their lives. She carries the following professional qualifications:

  • NASM-CPT, Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • StrongFirst Certified Level-1 Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)
  • Functional Movement Systems Certified Level-1 and 2 Instructor (FMS)

Her enthralling passion for teaching others and providing the knowledge to make everyone the best they can be is her uncompromising philosophy.


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